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If you think you have some extra time during the summer, you might consider taking our summer intensive courses. The following programs offer an enriching music experience.
Instrumental Instructions
duet ★ Piano Performance Course
★ Violin Performance Course
★ Cello Performance Course
★ Clarinet, Saxophone, Flute, Trumpet Course

 These courses are for people who are interested in studying particular pieces or for people who have ceased playing piano, but still want to polish some pieces again.
★ Keyboard Harmony Course
 If you wish to play folk songs, songs from musicals and films or current popular songs, you will learn how to play them and how to harmonize the melody lines.
★ Composition Course
 Discovor a new sound and create your own music.

Ensemble, Chamber Music Courses
ensemble ★ Piano Duet Course
★ Piano Ensemble Course

 You will enjoy duet performances with a menber of your family or some your friends
★ Piano, Strings, Wind Ensemble
 If you play piano, strings and wind instruments or you have prior experience, join our ensemble activities. You will have a wonderful summer finding new friends through music.
★ String Quartet or Chamber Music
 If you play an instrument and are dreaming about performing chamber music with your peers, you will have a chance.

 * Schedule will be discussed at registration.
 * At the end of the summer, we will have a recital and a party.

You can see some pictures of Summer Courses Recital.
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