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Jimbo Music Studio
Piano・Violin・Cello Instruction
Exclusively Using the Pace Method
Fort Lee, NJ・Westchester & Port Washington, NY


Piano, Strings, Wind Ensemble
If you play an instrument or you have prior experience, join our ensemble activities. You will have a wonderful summer finding new friends through music.
String Quartet or Chamber Music
If you are playing an instrument and are dreaming about performing chamber music with your peers, you will have a chance.
Camp A) August 15 (Mon) 〜 August 19 (Fri) 10:00am 〜 1:00pm
Camp B) August 22 (Mon) 〜 August 26 (Fri) 10:00am 〜 1:00pm

summercampAll students registered for the above ensemble program will participate in the following activities.
 ★ Percussion Ensemble
 ★ Percussion improvisation
Rhythm is the root of music. You will enjoy improvising various rhythms with your friends using multiple percussion.
 ★ Individual instruction when it is necessary.

* Class placement will be discussed at registration.
* We will have a recital the last day of camp

You can see some pictures of Summer Music Camp.
2002 Camp A Camp B
2003 Camp A Camp B


Evergreen Course for 3 〜 8 years old
・Cricket -- 3,4,5 years old
・Rainbow -- 6,7,8 years old
Camp A) August 8 (Mon) 〜 August 12 (Fri) 9:30am 〜 12:30pm
Camp B) August 22 (Mon) 〜 August 26 (Fri) 9:30am 〜 12:30pm

evergreenEvergreen Course will have the following four sessions each day.
* The contents of the program will be different depend on student's ages.
1. Improve your musical skills!
Ear training, Rhythm training, Music reading and Finger exercises
2. Let's dance! Let's play instruments together!
-- Ensemble Activities

 ★ Enjoy ensembles using percussions.
 ★ Enjoy ensembles using melodic instruments and percussions.

3. Meet the music!
-- Listening Activities

 ★ Listen to various styles of music.
  After listening to the music, they talk about what is in their mind and express on their own ways.
 ★ Listen to a story book for children with music.

4. Make your own sounds!
-- Creative activities

 ★ Create their own sounds and music on a story or their images.
 ★ Make up their own songs using their own words and melodies.
 ★ Musical "Question and Answer"

evergreen * The last day of the camp will have a children and parents get together session.
Children will play ensembles, sing their original songs, have ensemble improvisation after their stories and show their drawings and comments made when they listened to music.

* We have several short breaks during each session including a snack break.
Each student will be advised to bring some snack.

You can see some pictures of Evergreen Course.
2003 Camp A Camp B

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